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Why Institutional Indexing for Affluent Investors?

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Why Institutional Indexing for Our Affluent Investors?

Since the 1970s when the first index fund was created, both small and large investors have flocked to pooled index funds because of the ease and popularity.

When asked why, many would say it is due to the perceived low cost or the failure of the retail investment advisor’s ability to add value.

While pooled index funds may be a viable option for small investors, affluent investors with over $1 million qualify for institutional investing. The Linden Thomas & Company’s institutional earnings focused index gives investors enhanced results through three key academic disciplines. These three focuses are earnings quality, direct ownership of holdings, and minimizing cost. Our earnings focus helps avoid failing companies often found in market-cap index funds. Through direct equity ownership, it means our investors avoid herding impact often found in pooled funds due to small investor's poor behaviors. Hidden trading costs and high advisor costs are avoided as well. Linden Thomas & Company provides affluent investors with enhanced long-term results through high quality securities, total control, and transparency all with less of a cost.

Each of the Linden Thomas & Company portfolios give clients access to our earnings-focus institutional indexing as well as some of the industry's top institutional equity managers. Our yield-focus fixed-income portfolios are built from the ground up and tailored around each clients' needs. The benefit of our approach is clients gain a team of professionals with decades of industry experience and proven results.

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How We Compare with Cumulative Results

Retail investment products often carry hidden costs and other disadvantages which impact investor results. Institutional Direct alleviates the need to pay high advisor fees and invest in products like mutual funds. This helps reduce investor costs by hiring the asset manager directly, which takes away hidden fees and pricing disadvantages of pooled investment products. Linden Thomas & Company has developed an interactive tool to help illustrate Institutional Indexing vs. a variety of retail mutual funds.

Use the Interactive Chart

To get started, select any one of the Linden Thomas & Company Institutional Index funds tabs above the chart. Once selected, compare the fund with the retail index fund shown. Switch tabs to see different retail funds. Hover over the points on the graph to see the % return for that fund and year. For your convenience, we've started each fund with a $2 million investment and shown the growth over the years provided.

Step #1: SELECT one of our index funds below. Step #2: SELECT a retail fund and compare.

Flaws of Retail Mutual Funds

Failed Mutual Funds

As the retail investment firms have grown, there has been a push by the retail investment advisor to place investors in pooled index funds. This is often associated with investors paying an advisor fee along with additional hidden costs of mutual funds. Many of the index funds want investors to believe these funds are benefiting the client due to the low expense ratios, but what is never discussed is the hidden costs and inefficiencies which impact results.

    • Trading costs
    • Spreads on trades
    • High advisor cost
    • Small investor herding impact
    • Phantom taxes
    • Pricing disadvantages

All these items (while seldom discussed) can be found in not only index funds but other retail investment products as well. This is why Linden Thomas & Company set out to develop an institutional approach with a focus on client results through building efficient portfolios and our institutional indexes.

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